We have implemented a new payment system for both Bryan Station Farm, as well as Passport Sport Horses. The new system is more like paying a credit card, or utility bill online. You can pay your invoice via bank transfer (checking or savings account from either personal or business accounts), and save the payment info, so that every future invoice after the first one only requires a login, and then clicking the "pay now" button.

Below are instructions and screenshots on how to pay an invoice electronically. These instructions are mainly for first the first time set-up. If you have used it before, you should be able to click the "sign in" button and it should have your payment info saved. If you have any questions whatsoever, please email us directly at info@bryanstationfarm.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


The invoice email

It will list a simple invoice number as well as the amount. To view details, please click the "view invoice" button.


Invoice page

This will list all details about what is due, for what level of service.


Create an account

If you've done this before, click the "sign in" link and just pay with saved details.


The payment details

Here is where you'll input your routing number, as well as account number from a bank account. This can be a personal checking, personal savings, business checking, or business savings account. Make sure the "save payment info" button is checked.

Then just hit "send payment"...!



Once it's paid, you'll be able to see the relevant invoice details and an ID number if you'd like to save it.


For future payments

This is what you'll see after signing in. Just a simple select payment method, then click "send payment".